The Time Keeper Characters

The Time Keeper Character List


Dor is the inventor of the first clock and decided that time needed to be measured. However, this led to his punishment by God and he was exiled into a cave. Dor spent the next few thousand years listening to those who feared time and when his punishment has ended he is allowed back to Earth to help others to appreciate time.

Sarah Lemon

Sarah is a young teenager who is part of a broken family. Her dad leaving her and her mom led her to depression and the only thing happy in her life is her crush on Ethan. However, this crush ends when he humiliates her and pushes her to attempt committing suicide. However, she realizes that she would devastate her loved ones through her death and decided to continue living.

Victor Delamonte

He is an old wealthy man suffering from a terminal disease. His kidneys begin to fail and this urges him to try to cheat death via cryonic freezing. However, Dor shows his that his life would be in shreds if he decided on this course of action and he will lose all his wealth. As such, he decided to not freeze himself and make use of time with his wife.


He is Sarah's crush and feigns interest in her. He repeatedly asks Sarah on dates then cancels on her. He is shown to be very cruel by laughing about Sarah to his friends, which eventually causes her so much distraught that she tries to kill herself.

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