The Things They Carried

what are some of the things the men do to deal with the effects of war

Chapter 3 and effects of the Vietinam war


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Azar, a soldier, gives a crippled boy a chocolate bar. Mitchell Sanders pries off his own body lice and puts it in an envelope to send to the draft board in Ohio. Norman Bowker and Henry Dobbins play checkers every night to restore a sense of order into their lives. Lavender takes too many tranquilizers and says “we’ve got ourselves a nice mellow war today.”

Kiowa taught a rain dance to some of the other soldiers, who were disappointed when it didn’t instantly produce rain. Lavender adopted a puppy and fed it by hand until Azar took it, strapped it to a grenade, and pulled the pin. The grenade exploded, killing the dog.


I would have answered in the same way, except this question does not relate to the final chapters of the novel. The question specifically reads Chapter Three. 

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