The Things They Carried

The man I killed

1.) What 2 kinds of details does O'Brien include? What do you notice about the organization of the details of O'Brien includes about the man's physical appearance?

2.) Why do you think O'Brien studies this dead man's appearance so much?

3.) Dialogue spoken by Azar and Kiowa. How is each character characterized by their dialogue?

4.) Why do you think O'Brien spends so much time and text imagining a life for the young man he killed? 


Why does Tim "beat himself up" over the young man's death?

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1) When the story begins, O’Brien is standing in front of a man he just killed in My Khe. He repeats the same details about the man he killed, over and over again: one eye is a star-shaped hole; he lies face-up on the road; there are strips missing from his cheek; he has thin, arched eyebrows, like a woman; he is thin, with a concave chest, like a scholar. O’Brien is fixated on the details.

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