The Things They Carried

Immortalizing Vietnam War?

Even though it is an anti-war novel or collection of short stories, to what extent could you say that it immortalizes Vietnam War. Does the fact that the book involves the Vietnam War automatically immortalizes the Vietnam War? I need other people's opinion thank you (:

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The Vietnam war has been immortalized just by the mere fact that it occurred and was documented from beginning to end. You don't learn enough about the war in school, and yet I don't think that's a bad thing because what is taught comes from negative American point of view. Thus, what you have here and in many other cicumstances because of its anti-war theme is simply propoganda.

Whether people supported the war effort of whether they were completely anti-war; media footage, news reels, and documentaries have been edited to fit personal points of view. When looking at the Vietnamese war, I think it best to study and research from all points of view in order to truly educate yourself.