The Taming of the Shrew


what are the details of katherine and petruchio's wedding? i need a lot of them! thanks

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Are you referring to Act 3 or when they actually get married?

i have to do a newspaper article on the wedding so i guess the actual wedding. but please include something about him getting there late and that stuff

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The next day, the company all wait in preparation for Katharina's wedding. Petruchio, however, is no where to be seen. Katharina, for her part, breaks down and runs from the scene weeping, and for once Baptista sympathizes with her. At that moment Biondello rushes in and says that Petruchio is on his way, wearing outrageously distasteful clothes, riding a diseased horse only a step away from death, and accompanied by a servant as badly dressed as his master. When Petruchio finally appears, with Grumio at his side, his appearance lives up to Biondello's fanciful account. Baptista and the others are mortified. Petruchio, however, refuses to dignify his appearance, and they follow him to his wedding.

The wedding party arrives and Petruchio claims that he must leave and cannot stay for his own wedding dinner. Katharina entreats that her husband wait for her. However, Petruchio sweeps Katharina away dramatically. The scene ends with the dazed Baptista telling Tranio that the feast will go on as planned, and that he and Bianca may take the seats of the bride and bridegroom. (Act 3 scene 2)


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what did the feast consist of

There are certain foods that would have been at any medieval feast. Wild game (various birds), wine, pastries, pig, fish, beef (as the families are wealthy), ale (Beer)....