The Stranger

What philosophy of life does Meursault espouse at the beginning of the chapter? How have you seen him live out his philosophy?

in chapter 5

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Chapter Five begins by introducing the reader to a collision of Meursault's two worlds, the world of the work week and of the weekend. Raymond calls Meursault at work and Meursault is annoyed right away.At work, he is in the mode of his pattern in which he wants nothing upset. He is afraid his boss will be mad at the personal call and he does not want to risk that. Ironically, he does want the balance of his life upset although he believes that individual choices and events do not matter. Just as it did not matter whether Maman had dies yesterday or the day before, the encounters of life occur but do not matter. In order to keep his work week encounters occurring in the routine he is used to, he does not want to upset his boss. You should really check out GradeSaver's "chapter 5 analysis for a full answer: