The Silver Sword Metaphors and Similes

The Silver Sword Metaphors and Similes

Simile of the Rabbit Burrow, Chapter 7

The children's new home is a cellar of a house that was burned out and they have burrowed into it so that it is said to "look like a rabbit's burrow in a mound of rubble, with part of a wall rising behind". The tunnels they have made give their new home the appearance of a Lapine one.

Simile of Edek's Climbing, Chapter 7

Edel was a confident climber and it is said that he "could climb like a monkey". He was able to scale parts of bombed buildings and climb back down again carrying supplies much like a monkey carries food.

Simile of a Heath Fire, Chapter 7

"News of these presents spread like a heath fire." When school supplies were given to Ruth the news spread incredibly quickly overpowering everyone as of it was a spreading fire. Like a fire the news spreads through a wide expanse of space in a very short time.

Simile of A Dam Bursting : Chapter

When Jan dropped his food on the ground the Shere number of hungry children lunging for it was like water bursting through an opened dam - unstoppable and completely overwhelming and something that rolls straight through anything in its way.

Simile of the Goose : Chapter 13

The refugee director wanted Edek's to remain at the camp, Bronia observing "Hesaid you wanted fattening up, as if you were a goose being fattened for Christmas." He felt he needed to be sturdier but his comments reminded Bronia of the process of force-feeding geese so that they gain a lot of weight suddenly and are therefore more expensive as they are sold by the pound.

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