The Silver Sword Irony

The Silver Sword Irony

Joseph In Warsaw

When Joseph returns to Warsaw after his imprisonment he spends time looking around the burned out houses and the cellars, ironically at the same time that his children are living in a burned-out cellar under the house they used to live in.

Jan's Feelings About Germans

Jan absolutely hates Germans but he would love to be adopted by Herr and Frau Wolff, the German couple who take the children in. Despite the fact they had a son who was a soldier in the German army which is another type of person that Jan hates, he tells them that if it were not for being obligated to go to Switzerland with the Balicki's he would love to stay.

Jan's New Mother

Jan asks Margrit to be his mother but ironically he is actually quite disobedient and mean to her and only obeys Ruth, technically his sister but his real mother figure.

Finding Edek

The sisters and Jan leave the holding camp disappointed that they did not find Edek but ironically he is already at the refugee camp they go to after their fruitless search for him and he discovers them, rather than the other way around.

American Driver

The driver that they get a ride with to the Swiss border is an American but ironically was a Pole who came from Warsaw to a better life, exactly what the children are doing.

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