The Secret Life of Bees

The secret life of bees

Chapter 5

1. How do they use honey besides eating it?

2. Why does the story of Beatrix bother Lily?

3. Wht does Lily find out about May and thr wailing wall?

4. How does June let Lily know that she doesn't want her there? What are the possible reasons June doesn't want Lily to stay.

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3) August explains that May is very susceptible to feeling the pain of others. She treats the pain as her own. Lily wondered what it would be like if someone shared the pain she had. August tells Lily that May had a twin sister April, and May would suffer the symptoms of April’s injuries and sickness. When April died as a young child, May began to absorb the pain of the world. April had suffered from terrible depression as a child, and at age fifteen she killed herself. June and August had decided to start the wailing wall to assist May with her pain. May writes down the names of people in pain or events that caused pain, and she puts the notes in the wall.

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