The Secret Garden

why they called the chapter. The Curtain


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Colin had kept his mother's picture covered forever. In this chapter, he withdraws the curtain and begins to move forward. He says he's no longer angry at his mother and wants to see her laughing...... he felt as if her laughter...... or depiction of it, was like magic.

"Because it doesn't make me angry any more to see her laughing. I wakened when it was bright moonlight two nights ago and felt as if the Magic was filling the room and making everything so splendid that I couldn't lie still. I got up and looked out of the window. The room was quite light and there was a patch of moonlight on the curtain and somehow that made me go and pull the cord. She looked right down at me as if she were laughing because she was glad I was standing there. It made me like to look at her. I want to see her laughing like that all the time. I think she must have been a sort of Magic person perhaps."


The Secret Garden