The Scarlet Pimpernel

Instances when the Scarlet Pimpernel shows bravery

Moments when the scarlet pimpernel shows bravery, especially with the Chauvelin or saving Marguerite.

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How about the very end of the story? The Jew takes them(Chauvelin and soldiers) to a hut, where Marguerite realizes that the fugitives are hiding. She throws herself towards the hut in an effort to save the ones inside, but she's captured by Chauvelin. Chauvelin and his henchmen go inside the hunt and find that its empty. A moment later they see a boat drifting out of the harbor and realize the fugitives have escaped.

Chauvelin leads his men on a hunt for Percy, but not after making sure the old Jew is mercilessly beaten. Only after Chauvelin leaves does the old Jew get up groggily and reveals himself to the bound Marguerite as her husband Percy in disguise.