The Scarlet Pimpernel


I have to write and essay on my final exam tomorrow... the question is What qualities make the scarlet pimpernel an effective hero?... quotations from the book and page numbers would help. Thankyou.

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I have heard the Scarlet Pimpernel being compared to Batman. Really, I have! They are both vigilantes fighting against a common evil. Revolutionary France certainly had its share of cruelty on both sides. Some of the people that the Pimpernel saved might well have been slugs attached to a very oppressive monarchy. Still, no child deserved to have their head chopped off because uncle Francois was an oppressive jerk. I this sense the Pimpernel was quite heroic. Under the guise of his mild mannered alter ego (hey, that's like Superman!) he is able to switch roles at will and become the gallant saviour of all things innocent from the hysteria of the French mob. He often smuggled "innocents" into England under various disguises including drag! Now that's heroic!