The Scarlet Pimpernel

Chpt: 23-24 #2. What complications arise at the "Chat Gris" while Marguerite hides and awaits Percy's arrival


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Marguerite waits at the Chat Gris for Percy and soon enough a man arrives. But it is Chauvelin. She listens as Chauvelin instructs his henchman, Degas, to return with six soldiers and ambush Percy the moment he walks into the pub. But he says that he wants Percy "alive... if possible." Degas leaves, and Chauvelin waits for him to return.

Lady Blakeney is horrified at the obvious danger her husband faces. She sees that despite his heroism, her husband will be no match for Chauvelin's soldiers. Thus Lady Blakeney waits in despair -- and indeed, soon enough, she hears Percy's voice outside singing lustily as he approaches.