The Scarlet Letter

What plan did the men conceive for Pearl's future? What did Hester think of this plan? How did she reason?

Ch. 8:The Elf-Child and the Minister

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1) Their plan is to place Hester in other less sinful hands to be raised.

2)Hester was an outcast, alone in the world, with only this treasure to keep her heart alive. She felt that she had an absolute right to her daughter, and she was ready to defend that right to the death.

3) “God gave me the child!” she cried. “He gave her to me as compensation for everything that you had taken from me. She is my happiness. She is my torture—but still! Pearl keeps me alive! Pearl punishes me too! Don’t you see that she is the scarlet letter? But I can love her, so she has the power to punish me for my sin a million times over. You will not take her! I will die first!”


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