The Scarlet Letter

Thoughts on the scarlet letter movie?

I have my own opinion on it, obviously. I'm just curious as to what other people think. I have to write a movie review. As a result I think knowing different insights on these questions would be beneficial. So if anyone could answer these questions I'd really appreciate it!

How does the movie resemble the novel?

Does the movie portray the novel's themes, symbols, and archetypes?

How is the quality of the acting?

Does the actor become the character?

Do they make you feel a certain way?

How are the design elements of the movie?

Are the costumes/make-up/setting appropriate for the time period?

Do they fit with the story?

The movie I'm talking about is the one made in 1995 starring Demi Moore.

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Hey, the Demi Moore was by most accounts awful. I'm going to link you with a great site. There you can find tons of reviews by people more capable about movies than myself. The consensus is that the film bears little resemblance to the source novel, and it's cluttered with ridiculous symbolism. Check it out: