The Scarlet Letter

Letter to Bellingham?

I have to write a letter to Govenor Bellingham explaining why Pearl should either stay with her mother or be taken away. Any ideas? I have no clue what to write. Here are the questions that came with the project

Describe Pearl's behavior both at home and when she ventures into town.

Explain what this behavior results from.

Discuss Hester's frustration with raising her child without a father and in exile from Boston's mainstream.

Give plausible reasons for Hester either keeping or child or having Pearl taken away.

Thank you!

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This all depends on where Pearl is going. If she is going to a family with two stable parents, maybe such a move would be a good thing. Hester could then start over. If she is being removed to a less-than-ideal place, she might as well stay with her mother, who loves her and is a strong woman. Hester has been punished far too much already; why take away her beloved daughter too?

why the writer use the scarlet letter as a title.what is the meaning of the scarlet letter.