The Scarlet Letter

how are chillingworth and dimmesdale alike in the scarlet letter? and how are they different?

The Scarlet Letter

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Not a whole lot. They are basically unmarried guys with no real children. Yes Pearl is Dimmesdale's child be he really doesn't have much contact with her. Hester pretty much ran away from Chillingworth so you can't call them married.

In many ways the two men share a bond through Hester Prynne. Chillingworth is in a victim of infidelity. To be sure Chillingworth entered into a loveless marriage with a woman who was way younger and better looking than he was. He was rendered a cuckold though (man whose wife cheats on him). Dimmesdale too is affected by Hester's infidelity. Although he was the "lover" he could not live with the ethical and spiritual implications of his affair. So both men were in extreme pain over the same woman. Chillingworth was, however, malicious and evil. He got his kicks out of torturing Dimmesdale and seemed to have few redeeming qualities. Dimmesdale seemed like a good man shackled by the ridiculous edicts of his Puritan faith. He struggles to do the right thing and eventually comes clean. We can't say the same thing for Chillingworth.

ok thank you this helps alot but what do they have in common other than loving Hester?

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