The Scarlet Letter

5 major events

explain in a sentence such event 1 and the event

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-Hester being released from prison and tagged with the Scarlet Letter on her breast.

-Chillingworth, Hester's husband, showing up.

-The governor threatening to take Pearl away from Hester. Here the relationship between Dimmesdale and Hester is fleshed out too.

-Hester ripping the letter off in the woods. Deciding to leave with Dimmesdale and Pearl for Europe.

-Dimmesdale confessing his sins on the scaffold for all to hear. He dies soon afterwards.

Event 1: Hester is accused of adultery and sentenced to wear the scarlet 'A' on her chest.

Event 2: Hester's husband adopts a fake name (Roger Chillingsworth) in order to secretly find and seek revenge against her lover.

Event 3: Chillingsworth finds that the father of Hester's illegitimate child, Pearl, is the Reverend, Dimmesdale.

Event 4: After a long time of internal decay as a result of unconfessed sin, Dimmesdale finally confesses to the townspeople by revealing his own "scarlet letter," which he carved on his chest. This is his dying act.

Event 5: Dimmesdale leaves all of his wealth to Pearl, and Hester leaves to New England to escape the scene. She eventually comes back, and when she dies she is buried underneath a tombstone which alludes to her scarlet letter.