The Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst

Why does the narrator treat Doodle the way he does?
What metaphors exist in this story and what do they represent? And for what purpose are they used?
How does the narrator help his brother? How does Doodle respond to the scarlet ibis? Why?

How does Brother show devotion to Doodle? Find two exam-ples from the text and explain how the
examples show displays of devotion by Brother towards Doodle.

When the crop is ruined, Brother says, “…we were frightened, and Doodle slipped his hand into mine”
(Hurst 7). Why is this event significant in understanding Doodle’s perspective regarding his relationship
with Brother? Give another example in the text that supports your claim regarding Doodle’s perspective of

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The narrator has Doodle's best intentions in mind, but he allows his pride and determination to get in the way, which ultimately results in tragedy.

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