The Sandman


  • Nathanael (the gift of God): narcissistic protagonist with a manic sense of mission.
  • Klara (the light one): Nathanael's fiancée with a peaceful, judicious, yet determined temperament.
  • Lothar: Klara's brother and Nathanael's friend.
  • Nathanael's father: alchemical experimentalist whose dealings with Coppelius during Nathanael's childhood lead to his death.
  • Coppelius: Fear-instilling, large and malformed man who spoiled the happiness of Nathanael and his siblings in their childhood and may be implicated in the death of Nathanael's father.
  • Coppola: Italian trader in barometers and lenses, in whom Nathanael recognizes Coppelius.
  • Spallanzani: physics professor with whom Nathanael is studying, and collaborator with Coppola on building the lifelike automaton Olimpia.
  • Olimpia ("she who comes from Olympus" in the Classical context): "Daughter" of Nathanael's professor, Spallanzani, who is later revealed to be an automaton, or robot; this revelation is one of the elements that incites Nathanael's madness.
  • Siegmund (protection): Attempts to save his friend Nathanael from unhappiness and insanity.

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