The Rocking-Horse Winner


Paul: A young boy who notices that his mother doesn’t love him and his sisters, even though she “adores” them.[1] When he receives a rocking horse for Christmas, he rides it often and comes to find that he can predict what horse is going to win the next big horse race.

Hester: Paul's mother. She becomes “dissatisfied with her marriage” when she finds that her husband is not lucky and doesn't make enough money.[2]

Bassett: The family gardener and friend. Is the one who gets Paul into horse racing, and later becomes “betting partners”.[2]

Oscar Creswell: Paul's uncle and his mother's brother. Provided the money that Paul used to make his first win at the horse race. Signed the lawyer papers in order for Paul's mother to receive “one thousand pounds at a time, on the mother's birthday, for the next five years”.[1] Oscar becomes partners with Paul and Bassett.

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