The Road

What is the significance of the road in "The Road". Why is it such an important aspect of this novel?

explain the relation between the road in the book and how the father and boy uses the road to guide their journey and whether or not the road has a more deeper significance than just guiding them.

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I always found McCarthy to be a bit like Hemingway, he kept his prose and his titles simple. McCarthy's title reflects his dominant setting. THe Road explains everything yet it explains nothing. The Road represents a sort of endless journey that the boy and the father go on yet it doesn't reflect the intense love they share for each other. That's okay for McCarthy because his simple style and title help create the intense purity of passion father and son share for one another. It is also important that the road doesn't reflect a particular destination. Besides vague references to the ocean, we are never sure where these two will end up, perhaps that's the point.

because they walk along a road