The Road

Section 8 Page 90-105 q 8

The fatherʼs strategy after he believes they might be followed.
Why is this important?

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The father's strategy was to get to high ground where he could watch the men coming behind them. By watching them, he could know whether or not they were out of danger.

The site they picked was simply the highest ground they came to and it gave views north along the road and overlooked their backtrack. He spread the tarp in the wet snow and wrapped the boy in the blankets. You’re going to be cold, he said. But maybe we wont be here long. Within the hour two men came down the road almost at a lope. When they had passed he stood up to watch them. And when he did they stopped and one of them looked back. He froze. He was wrapped in one of the gray blankets and he would have been hard to see but not impossible. But he thought probably they had smelled the smoke. They stood talking. Then they went on.
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