The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

how can we relate 'crime and punishment' with reference to yhe poem 'the rime of ancient mariners'

in this poem mariner commited a mistake and the type of punishment he got, can it be fruitful for india`s government if yes how, was the punishment given appropriate, your opinion.

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The Mariner, despite knowing better, killed the albatross. That was a big no no among seafaring men. His punishment was thirst, hunger, exhaustion, ghosts and of course getting lost at sea. As for India, I'm really not sure what you mean. The metaphor needs to be directed at destroying something beautiful, innocent, even helpful and then paying some kind of price. You would need to be more specific as to what the India or the Indian government has done to warrant such an analogy. Did they kill a bird? I remember drinking Kingfisher beer one time; it was good. Seriously though you need to specify something India might have done that destroyed a person (people), animal or idea and and paid or is paying a price for it. Then link it to the poem. Hope that helps a little.