The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Do you think the mariner is responsible for what happends to the ship? why or why not?In your opinion does the mariner`s punishment fit his crime?

the rime of the ancient mariner.. i really dont remember the act cause we were reading it my english class..but plz help me out, i dont have the book

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I think that yes the Mariner is responsible. The poor albatross leads them out of the arctic ice and gets an arrow for through him as a reward. The Mariner also knew it was bad "sea luck" to shoot the bird. The rest of the voyage is a nightmare. Although you might think of the Mariner's nightmare as punishment, the poem is really a story of Christian sin and redemption. The trials become a sort of penance for the Mariner followed by a sense of salvation. He sees God's creatures as beautiful and really he is much less of a jerk!

The mariner is responsble for the the fate of the ship, the albrtross was sent from god to guide them out the rough seas. The mariners punishment fit the crime because he killed something that was innocent and now he must tell his tale.


The rime of the ancient mariner