The Red Badge of Courage

Where does the story end in the Red badge of courage?How does the ending contribute to the overall meaning of the story? How is the protagonist (or main characters) changed from what has occurred?

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They have fought their last battle on a field. The regiment reforms and marches, soon joining up with other troops. They pass a house where other soldiers lay, waiting for more orders. Their march curves, giving them a view of the debris-strewn ground on which they have just fought. Henry says to his friend that it is all over. Henry goes into deep reflection about his experiences in battle. He considers his cowardice and his bravery, Henry is finally able to put his life in some kind of context. Henry is no longer the same naive boy who entered the army. He is more self-aware. He has matured beyond the illusions of a boy into a young man who understands life, death and heroism the way it really was; Henry has his "Red Badge of Courage."