The Red Badge of Courage

Explain ‘philippic’. You must not just copy a meaning for the word; rather, research to determine other words which could take its place for meaning. Why is this word appropriate for the changing mood of the youth? What has caused this mood to change

chapter 9

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What it can be explained as is a very long speech that has a negative effect on its listeners. A word that can used in its place would be tirade.the changing mood of the youth because at times they go off on tirades about various ways that adults do not respect their rights.

Philippic in terms of Henry's changing mood has to do with complaints, protests, or objections. If you look back in the story, Henry believes war to be full of glory; he can't wait to participate and be a part of the action. Over time, he sees the horrors of war and his desire for glory is overshadowed by fear, uncertainty, and objections.