The Queen of Spades Metaphors and Similes

The Queen of Spades Metaphors and Similes

Reliable pack of cards (Metaphor)

The gaming always reduces to poverty. Games devastate people, organizations, destroy families, destroy the psyche of dependent players, and stimulate greed. This information is well- known for everybody. But the main character doesn’t realize it. He considers it the best way to get rid of poverty and to make a fortune. It is a ray of hope and possibility to live in clover. But this thought is the biggest mistake in Herman’s life.

Like a leaf (Simile)

Before the first meeting with Lizaveta Ivanovna, Herman is agitated. The most of all, he wants to see her, because Liza is a very beautiful lady. Herman even “trembles like a leaf, when he waits for the appointed time to arrive”. Emotional experience hints that Herman has some feelings and this amazing sense is similar to the real love.

Capricious woman (Simile)

The author wants to show the real character of the old countess. Even if she seems to be a pretty and polite woman and has not a bad heart, she is “capricious, like a woman who has been spoiled by the world, as well as being avaricious and egotistical”. It seems that only the world is guilty of her difficult temper and Pushkin proves it with this comparison.

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