The Queen of Spades Imagery

The Queen of Spades Imagery

Awful weather

The image of weather always shows the atmosphere readers can notice during the reading. In this story we can observe that “the weather is terrible; the wind blows with great violence; the sleety snow fallі in large flakes; the lamps emit a feeble light, the streets are deserted”. Under these terrible conditions you are unwell. But men continue to play cards and have a good time, despite the weather.

Old-fashioned countess

The appearance of main characters has the significant role, because readers always can reveal some facts about the personage. “Painted and dressed in old-fashioned style like a deformed, but indispensable ornament of the ball-room” old countess always receives guests. And her style proves that she doesn’t look after herself and she is insensible to her outward. But it doesn’t mean that she has a bad heart.

Two painted portraits

When Herman visits countess’s house, two pictures from Paris attract his attention. One of these represented “a stout, red-faced man of about forty years of age in a bright-green uniform and with a star upon his breast; the other-a beautiful young woman, with an aquiline nose, forehead curls and a rose in her powdered hair”. These works of art decorate the room and add some comfortableness and coziness.

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