The Power of One

How does the setting of the story actually affect the plot?

What are some main points as to how the setting affected the plot?

For instance, how did the time and/or wars affect the plot.

How did the story taking okace in South Africa affect the plot?

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The setting is in South Africa and we are constantly reminded of this by the landscape and themes. Racism becomes the main theme in the story. Blacks are segregated in their own country in an era of apartheid that is uniquely South African,

Within a week of being elected, the Nationalists kept their promise, and white South Africans derived great satisfaction from knowing that for once they had a government that kept its word. Meanwhile, the black South Africans prepared to bend their backs to the sjambok and for the invention of a new game where they voluntarily fell on their heads from the third story of police headquarters to the pavement below.

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