The Poisonwood Bible

look at the first three paragraphs and tell me what you learn about the speaker. Identify the speaker and find at least three quotes that go to the heart of the person who is talking.

The fist three questions in book one:Genesis. please i need help

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You will have to find your quotes but hopefull this helps a ltttle.

The novel begins with Orleanna Price, mother and wife of the Price family, asking the reader to envision a scene in a jungle. Four girls and a woman come walking through the jungle and sit by a river to have a picnic of meager portions. The family is hungry and tired, she tells us, and eventually the four girls go swimming in the river and leave the woman alone. Orleanna identifies the woman as herself and the girls as her daughters, and thus the reader is introduced to the five narrators of the novel. Orleanna, however, is not alone for long on the bank of the river. Soon, she is joined by a okapi, a small mythical creature who few have seen. She calls this animal "her secret."

Orleanna relates the feeling of venturing to Africa with her husband and four daughters as missionaries in 1960. Her daughters, she says, each dealt with the experience in her own way, and her husband was so focused on his mission to evangelize among the natives that he left no time for loving his wife. "I remained his wife because it was the one thing I was able to do each day," she says. As she reflects on her time in Africa, she cannot help but recall it with bitterness and regrets.