The Picture of Dorian Gray

Chapters 3 - 5

Activities for the week:

Chapters 3–5

Before reading

5 Predict: read the heading for

Chapter 3 ‘Dorian in Love ’. Then write

about these questions: What kind of person do you

think Dorian would fall in love with? Why do you think

this? How do you think he would treat someone he was

in love with?(50 words per answer)

After reading

6 Compare & contrast: compare your predictions

from activity 5. Comment on at least two other contributions.

A comment like “it´s good” or “ I like it” will not be valid

It must be a reasonable analysis and opinion about the predictions.

7 Discuss: in teams, hold a

debate on one of these sayings from Lord Henry:

a ‘No woman is an artist. Women never have

anything to say, but they say it charmingly.’

b ‘The reason we like to think so well of others is

because we are afraid for ourselves.’

c ‘When we are happy we are always good, but

when we are good we are not always happy.’

Post your conclusions on the forum and be ready

to state your position, orally, in class.

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Dorian would fall in love with someone as simple as naive. She must be everything what Dorian isn't. Dorian must feel more terrestrial and human, being next to someone to simple to him.

He belongs to a superficial world where only material things matters, that's why he would never find someone attractive in that world where he is the most superior individual. He won't find anything interesting to fall in love there.

On my opinion he wont ever love someone as much as himself, he could fall in love but he would never accept being less that someone, so he would treat this girl bad and inferior than him. He will always be arrogant and selfish, it's his nature.

Dorian Gray is a shy, sentimental and deep person, so maybe he would fall in love with someone who has almost the same personality but also the opposite, someone who dorian can talk too, someone who has a strong personality , maybe someone who is not very polite with him, but he respect him. I thing that because in chapter II, we realize that for the first time he regrets Basil, someone who Dorian love to much and goes with Henry, an old man who has just met and is not to polite with him.

Basil finds Dorian as an incredible beautiful naive, pure man who goes around the world showing his beauty to everyone, being just perfect from inside and outside. Dorian Gray is Basil's idol, he's all he ever wanted, the reason for keep painting and love the world.

Lord Henry finds Dorian Grey as an experiment, someone to manipulate and convert into something great. He finds him as a naive jung guy who can be everything he wanted. He finds him interesting and special.

Dorian Gray is totally manipulated by Lord Henry so he started to think that Basil is just a lost artist who over admires him after thinking that he was a great guy.

On the other hand D.G finds Lord Henry as an example to follow, someone great with a lot of experience and things to admire.

We think (team 3, Hector, Rodrigo, Pablo, Daniel), that in chapter 3 , someone, somehow will put a spell on Mr. Hallward picture of Dorian Gray.

Even when women, dont really say important things for some men, those things they say, are in some way fascnating, charming, sweet and positive.

That is quite an sexist opinion, meaning that women are useles, when they arent.

By the c affirmation, sometimes is more pleasant to do bad things, even though sometimes the good things are the best things to do, they are not allways the best things to do.


PAblo, paul carlos corina rosenda

correction to the second part of our past post

SOmetimes doing the right thing is better morally but not easier or faster, so doing bad things is sometimes better for the person itselfs.


5 predict

I personaly believe that Dorian would never fall in ove, because of being so naiv and egoistic.

He is so in lov with himself that he wouldnt be in love with someone else.

But in the case he would fall in love, he would not be as nice and thoughtfull as he should

i think he would fall in love with some girl who is inocent and with good feelings, on one hand he would really need someone who take him out of his bubble and teach chim how to be more free and not so resttricted with him self. But on the other hand, he needs someone that seems a like to him, soeone quiet and shy like him, so they could be partners in theri adventure and would uderstand each other. then he wuld experience a change in him self, i thing that eachother would work t be better persons and discover a biger them selfs inside of them, so he wuld treat the girl good, and kind.

I think Dorian would fall in love with someone that actually understands what he is going trough, he is a very materialistic man, who by the time only cares for money and stuff he has or he wants to have.

The girl he falls in love with has to be a girl that feels the same way about material things, and thinks almost the same way as he does, or be a girl that changes him, to make him realize that material things are not everything, and that there´s also love.

He wouldn't treat her very good, because he only cares about himself, his things and his appearence.

i thinkn pablo a is wrong, ther's allways a scew for a nut, and probabilbly he will find someone who takes care and enjoy beeing wth him, athough i reconize that Daorian is a very dificult person, and on my place i wouldn't be abel to handel a person like him, but otherwise like i said:ther's allways a scew for a nut

I think Dorian would fall in love with someone that is different as he is, although he is superficial.

He thinks he is the most important person of the whole society, so thats why he won't fall in love with someone who is prettier as he is.

He would treat her nice because she is the best thing he ever had in his material wold.


Daniel O., Rodrigo P., Hector A., Ricardo G., Pablo U.

I think Dorian would fall in love with someone that is different as he is, although he is superficial.

He thinks he is the most important person of the whole society, so thats why he won't fall in love with someone who is prettier as he is.

He would treat her nice because she is the best thing he ever had in his material wold.


Daniel O., Rodrigo P., Hector A., Ricardo G., Pablo U.

‘No woman is an artist. Women never have

anything to say, but they say it charmingly.’

what he says is full of "·$&$%/

Lord Henry is for me a low man, he dosen't really have the strange to carry on, and he dosen't get that woman and men are equall, and he decides that because he is the big one, and the tough he is able to compare woman and men, and the things they can and can't do.

soo i don't like this guy, and i thing that he dosen't have an idea of what he is and what people arrownd him can do.

I think Dorian is going to fell in love with a very beautiful girl: Someone thoughtful, humble, lovely and maybe artistic.

I think he is going to treat her with careful and dearness, he’s going to be very tender with her.


6) I'm TOTALLY AGAINST Lord Henry's proverb. In my opinion women are most able to be artistic. On the other hand, I agree with Maria, who said that Dorian is shy, sentimental and deep person.


I think dorian gray would fall in love with a person that holds him back, instead of encouraging him to continue with a life of excess, luxury and lust. The thing that he really needs is that someone that would care about him and truly try to help him. Due to his lifestyle i guess that he probaly would reject this person, but he'll realize his mistake.

1-I think Dorian would fall in love with a person that is not so diferrent as he is i mean manners ,education, ideals, etc, and of course a person physicaly handsome becuse he is very superficial. All this is because he thinks he is beautiful and he thinks he deserves only the best of the best.

I think he will treat his love good but no so good as he treats himself, because he is vain and he cares a little bit more about himself than the others. The problem of his vanity is that the other people keeps on saying that he is handsome and unique, so that elevates his ego.

Number 6

Iven though i said dorian wouldnt fall in love, he actually does, in some ignorant and stupid woman, he falls in love in a very dramatic way, almost boring and really blindly.

she is the quite oposite of him, he being intellectual and intelligent and charming, but he finds in her sweetness.

SO i totally disagree with Paul and disagree to carlos, because i would never have thought he could find a loved one, being so naiv and not caring.


my discusion took part orally and the conclusion is in pauls contribution



1) Before reading this chapter, number 3, and just knowing the title, I think that Dorian Gray will fall in love with a very special person, this person will not be rich and from the aristocracy like Dorian, who is always surrounded by the hay society of England. He is intellectual and he knows about culture etc. but I expect that the women will be very different.

2) I am quit sure that it will be a very different person from him because normally that is the way it is. A person wants to explore and for that you need not to know nothing about, in this case, the other person. Like in the nature the opposite polos attract themselves, it is the same in love. In my opinion, if you are with a person just like you, sooner or later you will get bored of that relationship.

3) This question is very difficult, but I think that sometimes h will treat her very well, but perhaps all of a sudden she will make him angry and desperate because he looks like a very smart people, and usually smart people do not tolerate stupid things or actions. Nevertheless after a fight I guess he will be very sorry and polite to her girlfriend.

My answer number 3 was correct because this girl is hundred percent different form Dorian Gray, I did not like her very much. I agree with Pablo in his opinion but we don`t know how the relationship is going to end, perhaps i is a good end.

I agree with Lord Henry, most women are not interested in art, of course there are some women that do, like Corina. Also there are some men who don`t care about culture but in general we are more intellectual than women.

On the other hand sometimes Dorian Gray is a little bit stupid and boring, specially when he tries to get close to this women.