The Phantom of the Opera Characters

The Phantom of the Opera Character List


Erik, otherwise known as the Phantom, is the tragic title character of the novel. He is physically deformed and may be interpreted either as a tragic hero or a tragic villain. Erik falls in love with Christine but expresses his feelings in harmful and at times disastrous manners, such as sabatoging performances and taking Raoul captive. 

Christine Daae

Christine is the main female protagonist of the novel. Originally from Sweden, Christine's mother died while she was young. Her father, with whom she had a very close relationship, died a few years later, but passed down his passion for music to Christine and told her tales of an "angel of music." Erik manipulates Christine into thinking he is such a figure and is thus able to gain her trust. However, Christine is the love interest of both Erik and Raoul, and Erik's jealousy over her love for Raoul is a major source of conflict throughout the novel.

Raoul de Chagny

Raoul is the Viscount of Chagny and Christine's childhood friend. When they meet years later, after Raoul watches Christine's performance at the Opera, they fall in love, get engaged, and make plans to elope. However, Erik, who also loves Christine, grows jealous of Raoul and conflict arises as the two men compete for her, despite Erik's feelings being unrequited.

Philippe de Chagny

Philippe is Raoul's older brother. As both of their parents have died, Philippe is owner of the family estate and wealth, and takes care of Raoul. He opposes Raoul and Christine's relationship and marriage, causing them to keep their engagement secret. 

Madame Giry

Madame Giry is the box keeper of the Opera. She is loyal to Erik and even displays fondness for him, as he leaves her gifts and promises to help her daughter succeed if Madame Giry obeys him. She is at one point fired by the managers of the Opera, but regains her position after Erik intervenes.

Meg Giry

Meg is Madame Giry's daughter. She is Christine's friend, but also helps her mother in doing Erik's bidding. She is described as being relatively self-centered with black eyes and hair and a very thin body. 

The Persian

The Persian is a figure from Erik's past who gives information about Erik's tragic past.


Carlotta is the spoiled and vain prima donna whose performance is sabotaged by Erik. At Erik's demand, she is replaced by Christine. 

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