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The Pearl Quizzes

by John Steinbeck

The Pearl Quiz 1

1. Which of the songs does Kino remember when he awakes?

  • Song of the Family
  • Song of the Pearl That Might Be
  • Song of Evil
  • Song of the Undersea

2. In which village does this story take place?

  • Los Alamos
  • Salinas
  • Phoenix
  • La Paz

3. Which of the following is not part of the reason why the doctor does not want to treat Coyotito?

  • Racism
  • Dissatisfaction with his situation
  • Greed
  • Longstanding grudge against Juan Tomas

4. What does Juana do that stops the swelling from Coyotito's shoulder?

  • She prays to God for help.
  • She uses a seaweed poultice.
  • She continually sucks out the poison.
  • She uses herbs from her garden.

5. Which of the songs does Kino remember when the scorpion stings Coyotito?

  • Song of Poison
  • Song of Treachery
  • Song of Evil
  • Song of the Child

6. From where did Kino get his canoe?

  • It was given to him by Juan Tomas.
  • He had stolen it years before.
  • He bought it with his meager savings.
  • It was passed down from his grandfather.

7. What does Juan Tomas say when Kino departs from him?

  • May Jesus protect you.
  • In this life or the next, you will have your vengeance.
  • Farewell forever, my brother.
  • Go With God

8. Which of the following does not happen to Kino the night after he defies the dealers?

  • He is attacked.
  • His boat is broken.
  • Coyotito is kidnapped
  • His hut is burned.

9. Which of these persons does Kino not encounter after he finds the pearl?

  • The Doctor
  • The Priest
  • The Pearl Dealer
  • The Banker

10. Which of the songs best illustrates Kino's hope for the future?

  • Song of the Family
  • Song of the Pearl That Might Be
  • Song of the Child
  • Song of the Rifle

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