The Pearl

What is the "role of men" in The Pearl?

What is the "role of men" in John Steinbeck's The Pearl? What effect does it have on the characters? How does it influence the development of the plot? Does it grow or change throughtout the story? What are the main themes of the work? How does the "role of men" help develop the themes?

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KIno is given the role of provider, father and family head. Steinbeck almost gives Kino enhanced perception of his environment. Kino constantly hears different songs in his head (Song of the family....) depending on the circumstance. Kino also controls the fate and destiny of his family. Although Juana gently tries to steer Kino in the right direction, Kino maintains a hold on their fate. THis leads into many of the major themes. Destiny, greed, power, hope....are all directly connected with men like Kino. I suggest you take a look at the GradeSaver themes section as well.