The Pearl

what are some positive points from The Pearl by John Steinbeck

What are some examples of love and strength from The Pearl? Whether it be between Kino and Juana, or Kino and his brother, Juan.

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Love of Family

In Kino's head there was a song now, clear and soft, and if he had been able to speak of it, he would have called it the Song of the Family.

Neighborly concern...

The screams of the baby brought the neighbors. Out of their brush houses they poured- Kino's brother Juan Tomas and his fat wife Apolonia and their four children crowded in the door and blocked the entrance, while behind them others tried to look in, and one small boy crawled among legs to have a look.

Family tradition:

Kino and Juana came slowly down to the beach and to Kino's canoe, which was the one thing of value he owned in the world. It was very old. Kino's grandfather had brought it from Nayarit, and he had given it to Kino's father, and so it had come to Kino. It was at once property and source of food, for a man with a boat can guarantee a woman that she will eat something. It is the bulwark against starvation.


The Pearl