The Pearl


how do you think the narrator felt while telling a story about a murder, coyotito getting killed, and all of the hardships that the whole family had to face for equality?

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He wants us to now the morales of life, so we wont make the same mistake as kino

What mistake did kino make? I really don't see Kino trying to give his baby a better life than he had as a mistake. Kino might not have made the best decision by bringing Coyotito with him when he knew there was a risk of him dying but that's a choice not a mistake. Also I'm sure that the narrator felt guilty for spreading the story of Kino's devestation throughout the entire village of La Pàz ,Mexico but thr narrator is probably just an old war gloryhound looking to relive his "golden years"

i believe that the narrator must like action stories like this. He must feel fine with things like this or else he would not write them. I see why he killed coyotito in this book, kino went through all this trouble in the first place and needed up having his baby killed.

- Paul Knezovich