The Passing of Grandison


  • Grandison is the central character,[4] a slave owned by Colonel Owens; he accompanies Dick Owens on a journey to the North.
  • Dick Owens is the son of the Colonel; he takes Grandison on his travels with the intention of aiding him in escape in the North, to gain the love of Charity Lomax.
  • Colonel Owens is a rich planter in Kentucky and the father of Dick Owens. He owns Grandison and Tom, among numerous other slaves.
  • Charity Lomax is Dick Owens' lover, who encourages him to free a slave in order to gain her love.
  • Tom is Grandison's enslaved brother on the same plantation[5]
  • Betty is an enslaved maid held by Col. Owens, who marries Grandison after his return from the North.

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