The Pact

How did George and Rameck help each other while they were still in school?

chapter 17

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George and Rameck had helped each other in every way. They were friends.... family. They provided each other with emotional support and listening ears. They help each other up when there was no one else to do it. Their common goal was a huge factor, their relationship.... even more important than the goal.

We had leapt into the unknown together and locked hands and pulled one another up, over, and through the rough spots. I remembered how much I had hurt for him when he had failed the state board exam, how I’d driven to Camden one and a half hours each way nearly every weekend after that to be there for him. I tried to get him to play basketball and just have some fun to get his mind off the results of that test. It was all I could do to show him that I cared and that he wasn’t alone.


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