The Outsiders


In what way(s) are the two groups alike? Greasers and Socs

and What did Cherry mean when she told Pony and Johnny that they had seen too much to be innocent?


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Ponyboy slowly realizes this throughout the novel. I don't think that they actually have identical problems but they do share the angst of growing up.

1. Conformity to a group are pressures they both have. Although the Socs feel it more keenly both groups conform to a certain image.

2. Living up to their image is also a common trait. Ponyboy and Dally are smart but they have pressure to stay within the confines of being a Greaser. Randy does not want to solely identify as a Soc but the pressure is great to conform.

3. Parents are not parenting well on both sides. Johnny's parents ignore him while Bob's parents enable him.

4. Both groups are stereotyped by society. Greasers are hoodlums prone to crime and socs are spoiled and can do no wrong.

5. Both groups are simply teenagers trying to find their way in life. Pony notices that the sun in the east sets just as the sun in the south. They all have their problems

Cherry says the boys have seen to much to be innocent because of their experiences and the way they live. 


Thank you "very" much!!