The Outsiders

do you think darry loves ponyboy?why does he treat ponyboy the way he does?

chapter 1

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Yes he loves him!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the reason he treats him in the way he does. It's now a matter of responsibility...... period. Darry has had to become a man and he takes it seriously!

DErry certainly loves Pony. He loves Pony more than Pony can realize at that time. Darry is worried he will lose Pony to Social Services if something goes wrong. darry is merely trying to keep the family together.

"Ponyboy’s parents died in a car crash, so the three Curtis brothers live together by themselves, an arrangement possible only as long as they stay out of trouble. Twenty-year-old Darry acts as head of the family. He is strict with Ponyboy and often yells at him. Despite his intelligence, Ponyboy lacks common sense, which frustrates Darry."