The Outsiders

Chap. 7 and 8

We learned that Ponyboy's nightmares are more important than we have so far been led to believe. Darry has fear on his face when Ponyboy tells him he has just had another dream. We learn of the doctor's diagnosis. Find the reasons of his nightmares, based on your knowledge of Ponyboy.

The whole thing is just saying find the reasons for Ponyboy's nightmares.....

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Ponyboy's nightmares began just after his parents were killed in a car crash. They seem to recur in instances where Ponyboy is having problems coping with the emotional stress caused by other tragedies in his life. Examples of this would be Bob's death, Johnny's accident and the possibility that he too will die, and lastly, his fear of being separated from his brothers.


The Outsiders