The Outsiders

Can you give me the signes that proovs this store it happend a long Time ago

Think its gonna be the last question :p

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No problem. Now, this story takes place during the 1950's. Is that what you are looking for?

Yes but what proovs it , like what are the signs or the way they act or I don't know

*sorry of my english is bad i'm actually afrensh speaker and we read the book in french etc...

Hey, no problems. My French is awful, I can say like six words. Consider the following,

The fashions were classic 1950's attire. The Greasers had leather jackets/jeans/t-shirt...SOCS had madras shirts/ "preppy clothing".

1950's cars- Corvairs (expensive sport cars)

Greasers- muscle cars/older fixed up.

Names like "Sodapop" reflect the language of the time.

The film Pony goes to reflects the times.