The Outsiders

are johnny injuries an example of karma

in the fire

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I think that there are a few reasons here. When people are dying, they often have a new appreciation about life. In the hospital, Johnny laments about all the things he never got to experience. He sees his life cut short before he had the time to discover himself and the world

No, I'd say it was the opposite of karma. In the grand scheme of things, Johnny was a victim. He was an innocent with a troubled life. He did something heroic and died because of it.

Oh, you might be referring to the killing of Bob. I don't think fate and karma, if there is such a thing, is that simple. On the surface of things Jonny was trying to save Ponyboy's life when he killed Bob. I'm not sure how the cosmic world works but I'll wager, if there is such a thing as karma, Johnny should have had a much happier outcome; he was a good kid.