The Open Window

Literary criticism and biography

  • "Mappining London: Urban Participation in Sakian Satire" — by Lorene Mae Birden. Literary criticism focusing on the role of London.
  • "People Dined Against Each Other: Social Practices in Sakian Satire" — by Lorene Mae Birden. Literary criticism focusing on social mannerisms.
  • The Satire of Saki by George James Spears — A 127-page book encompassing a dissection of satire in Saki's works, with a bibliography and overview of all of Saki's works in relation to satire.
  • Biography by Ethel M. Munro — A brief biography written by Saki's sister.
  • Saki: A Life of Hector Hugh Munro by A. J. Langguth — Includes six uncollected stories and various photographs.
  • Pamela M. Pringle 'Wolves by Jamrach': the Elusive Undercurrents in Saki's Short Stories (unpublished M.Litt. dissertation, University of Aberdeen, 1993).
  • "An Asp Lurking in An Apple-Charlotte: Animal Violence in Saki's The Chronicles of Clovis" by Joseph S. Salemi — Literary criticism about the recurrence of animals in The Chronicles of Clovis, suggesting that the animals represent the characters' primal instincts and true vicious mannerisms. Available in Student Research Center of EbscoHost Database.
  • "The Unrest Cure According to Lawrence, Saki, and Lewis" by Christopher Lane, Modernism/modernity 11.4 (2004): 769-96
  • "Saki/Munro: Savage Propensities; or, The Jungle-Boy in the Drawing-room" by Christopher Lane, in The Ruling Passion (Duke University Press, 1995), pp. 212–28
  • Stern, Simon (1994), "Saki's Attitude", GLQ : a journal of Lesbian and Gay studies (Duke University Press) 1.3: 275–98, ISSN 1527-9375, OCLC 42671765 
  • Van Leer, David (1995), The queening of America: gay culture in straight society, Routledge, pp. 31–37, ISBN 978-0-415-90336-3 
  • Sandie Byrne, Dr (2007), The unbearable Saki : the work of H.H. Munro, Oxford, ISBN 0-19-922605-9 
  • Christopher Hitchens (June 2008), Where the Wild Things Are — Review of The Unbearable Saki in Atlantic Monthly
  • Brian Gibson (2014), Reading Saki: The Fiction of H.H. Munro, McFarland, ISBN 978-0-786-47949-8 

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