The Odyssey

Notable English translations

This is a partial list of translations into English of Homer's Odyssey.

  • George Chapman, 1616 (couplets)
  • Thomas Hobbes, 1675
  • Alexander Pope, 1725–1726 (iambic pentameter couplets); Project Gutenberg edition;
  • William Cowper, 1791 (blank verse) An audio CD recording abridged by Perry Keenlyside and read by Anton Lesser is available (ISBN 9626345314), 1995.
  • Samuel Henry Butcher and Andrew Lang, 1879 (prose); Project Gutenberg edition
  • William Cullen Bryant, 1871 (blank verse)
  • Mordaunt Roger Barnard, 1876 (blank verse)
  • William Morris, 1887
  • Samuel Butler, 1898 (prose); Project Gutenberg edition or Perseus Project Od.1.1
  • Padraic Colum, 1918 (prose),
  • A. T. Murray (revised by George E. Dimock), 1919; Loeb Classical Library (ISBN 0-674-99561-9). Available online here.
  • George Herbert Palmer, 1921, prose. An audio CD recording read by Norman Deitz is available (ISBN 1-4025-2325-4), 1989.
  • T. E. Shaw (T. E. Lawrence), 1932
  • W. H. D. Rouse, 1937, prose
  • E. V. Rieu, 1945, prose (later revised in 1991 by D.C.H. Rieu for increased literal accuracy)
  • Robert Fitzgerald, 1963, unrhymed poetry with varied-length lines (ISBN 0-679-72813-9) An audio CD recording read by John Lee is available (ISBN 1-4159-3605-6) 2006
  • Richmond Lattimore, 1965, poetry (ISBN 0-06-093195-7)
  • Albert Cook, 1967 (Norton Critical Edition), poetry, very accurate line by line version
  • Walter Shewring, 1980 (ISBN 0-19-283375-8), Oxford University Press (Oxford World's Classics), prose
  • Allen Mandelbaum, 1990 Verse Translation [17]
  • Robert Fagles, poetry, 1996 (ISBN 0-14-026886-3); an unabridged audio recording by Ian McKellen is also available (ISBN 0-14-086430-X).
  • Stanley Lombardo, Hackett Publishing Company, 2000 (ISBN 0-87220-484-7). An audio CD recording read by the translator is also available (ISBN 1-930972-06-7).
  • Martin Hammond, 2000, prose
  • Rodney Merrill, 2002, unrhymed dactylic hexameter, accurate line by line version, University of Michigan Press
  • Edward McCrorie, 2004 (ISBN 0-8018-8267-2), Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Barry B. Powell, 2014 ISBN 978-0199360314, Oxford University Press

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