The Odyssey

what inference can be made about the cyclopes?

in the next land we found were cyclopes,

giants, louts, without a law to bless them.

in ignorance leaving the fruitage of the earth in mystery

to the immortal gods, they neither plow

nor sow by hand, nor till the ground, though grain-

wild wheat and barley-grows untended, and

wine-grapes, in clusters, ripen in heaven's rain.

cyclopes have no muster and no meeting,

no consultation or old tribal ways,

but each one dwells in his own mountain cave

dealing out rough justice to wife and child,

indifferent to what the others do.

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The Cyclopes are basically big, have one eye, don't like mortals or visitors. The Gods seem to help them out with food and whatever they need. Polyphemus's father is none other than Poseidon so there is an important God looking out for them.