The Odyssey

What do you think Odysseus' speech to Nausicaa tells us about him?

book 6 of "The Odyssey":)

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Keep in mind that she's the first human being he has seen in seven years and the first human woman he has seen in an even longer time. She's bound to look wonderful to him! In addition, his speech shows us (again) how good he is at thinking on his feet. If he can make a courtly speech like that when a moment earlier he woke up naked in a strange land to the sound of women's voices all around him, he's clearly very gifted! Then observe that one compliment he pays her is that her parents are lucky to have such a daughter. So I think any feelings he has for her take the generational difference into consideration. (And I personally believe that, in a year or so, she became his daughter-in-law.) Please check out the source from which this excerpt was taken. It is listed below.