The Necklace Background

The Necklace Background

"The Necklace" is a short story written by French Guy de Maupassant. "The Necklace" was extremely popular and features Maupassant's signature twist ending. It was published in 1884. The story was later included in Maupassant's short-story collection in 1885 ("Tales of Day and Night").

In 1871, Maupassant became close friends with celebrated author Gustave Flaubert (author of Madame Bovary) when working with a clerk. Flaubert introduced him to several other writers which encouraged Maupassant to persue a career as a writer. Faulbert's influence is clear in Maupassant's story, both authors created female characters who are dissatisfied with their lives and are desperate to escape them. In Maupassant's story, the main character Mathilde Loisel feels trapped by her own economic circumstance. When she is granted a night to live out her fantasy of luxury, she pounces upon this opportunity, resulting in her downfall. 

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