The Necklace

Both mathilde and mme. Forestier hide the truth until the very end of the story. Explain why you think they hide the truth. What are the consequences of their actions? In what ways had mathilde changed

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There are a number of themes implicit in the ending. Like Madame Loisel, the reader is shocked that her ten years of work and toil were for nothing. This surprise brings home the theme of contentment and wanting something (riches and glamour) that is largely an illusion. Madame Loisel wasted much of her life on an idea that only brought her misery.

Mathilde had lied as she did not want her friend to believe that she had lost the necklace. Word would spread and people would think poorly of her. She also did not want to break their bond and trust as two good friends.Mme. Forestier hides the truth as she does not want her friend to think that she was having a fake necklace.She feared her status as a rich woman would be damadged by this in front of society. =Just because of lying and pretending to be rich for a night led her to lose 20 years of her life trying to repay her friend. Mme. Forestier lost something she always treasured and loved. She lost a great friend.